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No More Online Threats

With the help of our VPN, you will be safe from any and all invasions of privacy and security. Your location and identity are masked and you’re constantly protected.

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Travel with Your Favorite Services

CautiousVPN ensures that you don't have to be cautious about accessing your favorite websites when you travel. With our service, you will never be denied access to sites that you love. Download the VPN client and be sure you can access your subscriptions and content on all multimedia sharing sites.

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Our VPN Client Comes With You!

No matter how much or where you roam, you will always have the ability to connect to the VPN client.

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The Highest Security for Your Family

By using the best encryption technology available, we can help to protect your family and your information.

No need to employ patience when you’re using CautiousVPN!

Our servers work at the quickest speeds possible, so you never have to wait for your streaming videos and films to start up!

No Hands!

We want to keep your information secure and safe from third parties, so we use a no logging policy to make that process even easier.

We Know When To Shut It Down

Our VPN client takes note of breaks in your connection, immediately and automatically turning off internet access. This is just another way that CautiousVPN protects you.

Instinctive Shut Down

Our system automatically detects any disruption in your VPN connection and terminates your internet connection in seconds.

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